Monday, April 30, 2007

Dried Wonton Noodle (Penang-Style)

Dried Wonton Noodle (Penang-Style)
Dried "Mee Bok" Flat Noodle (Penang-Style)

Dried wonton noodle tossed with a simple homemade sauce. Top with some blanched vegetables and crispy fried wonton or Wonton in Soup and serve with a small bowl of wonton soup and pickled green chilli.

Preparation: 10 mins, Cooking time: 8 mins

Ingredients (serves 2)
° 2 pieces (150g) fresh wonton mee
° 1.25 litres water
° 1 tablespoon olive oil
° 1 teaspoon vegetarian oyster sauce
° 1 teaspoon dark soy sauce
° 1 tablespoon light soy sauce
° ½ teaspoon sesame oil (optional)
° 100g Chinese flowering mustard (chai sim), cut into 5cm length

1. Place the Chinese flowering mustard in a pot or wok of boiling water and blanched for 1 minute. Set aside.
2. Loosen and rub the noodle lightly with your hand to remove any excess flour coating.
3. Place the noodle (one at a time) in the boiling water and cook for 1-2 minutes. Drain the noodle thoroughly and place in a serving bowl. Add oil, salt, vegetarian oyster sauce, dark and light soy sauce. Toss well to mix.
4. Transfer to individual serving dish, top with Chinese flowering mustard, crispy fried wontons.

1. Only olive oil can be consumed as it is. To make ginger oil or garlic oil, heat the ginger slice or chopped garlic in vegetable oil until light brown.
2. Alternatively, cook the noodle following the packet instructions. Discard the water for cooking noodle if it turned “cloudy and starchy”, it will affect the texture of the cooked noodles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal,
Have been looking up for vegetarian recipes esp one on wonton mee... finnaly found it in your blog... tks alot.

Will definitely give it a go and see if it turns out as good as it looks.

By the way, I notice that the the wonton mee hawker always dipn the cooked noodles in cold water and then into hot water again before mixing in the sauce. will this help to make texture of noodles better?

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Veggie pal

Thank you.

Yes, the Hawker do that, it say to make the mee QQ.

If i am not wrong, it is to slow down the cooking of the noodle. When the noodle is put into vigorous boiling water, the outer is cooked but the internal is not yet. Leaving it there for too long, the noodle will be soggy. So, by putting into the cold water, it reduces the temperature and then transfer back to hot water to continue cooking.

Different brand might have different texture. Once you cook a few times, you will roughly know how to cook QQ noodle.

1. Water must be plenty to allow the noodle space to move around.
2. Water must be a vigorous boil before the noodle goes it, if not the noodle would not have good texture.
3. If the water becomes “cloudy” or starchy, change the water totally, if you are cooking more.
4. Don’t leave the noodle to cook for too long.
5. Can try to shake off as much flour in the wonton noodles as possible.

I usually don’t put the noodle into the cold water, too lazy. So, I ensure it is not cooked too long, after putting in and it begins to boil, I need to get ready to take it out soon.

Cheers :)

Bali Tour said...

Great Article :)
Thank you for the recipe
I will try to cook

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Dear Bali Tour,

Thank you :) Have a awesome day too.

: )

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