Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Green Bean and Holland Barley Soup

Another easy home-made sweet soup which very nutritious. If you prefer just green bean soup without the barely, just omit the barley. [Green bean in addition to being good for sore throat, it can quench thirst. Barley is good for soothing sore throats, long term consumption helps to promote healthy digestion and good skin.]

Preparation: 5 mins, Cooking time: 45 mins

Ingredients (serves 4)
° 150g green bean
° 50g Holland barley or pearl barley
° 4 pandan leaves (screwpine), tied into a knot
° 1.6 litres water
° rock sugar or sugar , to taste

1. Rinse the green bean and Holland barley. Place all the ingredients and water in a pot or claypot. Soak for one hour or more.
2. Bring the soup to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes or until the green beans are tender. Add in the sugar and bring to a boil.
3. Ladle the dessert into individual serving bowls and serve.

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