Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stir-Fried Mushroom with Sesame Oil and Ginger

This is another easy stir-fried confinement dish. Cardoncello mushroom or king oyster mushroom is used to substitute the chicken. Cardoncello mushroom contains minimal fat, salt and very little calories but with lots of vital minerals. For a change, vegetarian fish slice can be used to replace the mushroom.

Preparation: 8 mins, Cooking time: 7 mins

Ingredients (serves 1)
° 75g-100g cardoncello mushroom/king oyster mushroom, sliced
° 25g ginger, peeled and finely shredded
° 2 tablespoons sesame oil
° 2 tablespoons cooking rice wine or glutinous rice wine
° 1 teaspoon light soy sauce
° ½ teaspoon dark soy sauce
° ¼ teaspoon sugar (optional)

1. Heat the sesame oil in a wok over medium heat. Add the ginger and fry till fragrant.
2. Add the mushrooms and stir-fry briskly for a moment. Drizzle the wine over the mushrooms and continue to stir-fry for 1-2 minutes or until the mushrooms are tender. Season to taste with sugar, light and dark soy sauce.
3. Transfer to a serving dish and serve immediately.

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