Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is all Non Dairy Margarine a Vegan product?

This site provide good information on vegan margarine:

As most margarine or non dairy products are fortified with vitamin D, there is a need to read the labels.

Quoted from :

“Vitamin D2 is plant-derived while vitamin D3 is usually animal derived, so vegans need to read labels to determine the source of the vitamin D they are taking. Some companies do provide D3 from plants, but it does not appear to be common. Some vegans are comfortable taking animal-derived D3, since it is a relatively miniscule contribution to animal suffering. This, of course, is a personal choice.”

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Greg said...

Orthodox Christians have a complex fasting tradition which is year around forbiding consumption of meat, dairy, oil or wine on many days of the year. Thankyou for providing these recipies. While we are called not to dwell on food, these are a help in our meat adicted society. Repectfuly, Gregory

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