Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Potatoes Brown Rice

There are so many ways to cook rice. If you are not having enough time and want something simple or maybe you want to be more environmental friendly, this might the thing you are looking for.

Just added some sweet potatoes, a little bit of salt to the brown rice. Sushi vinegar and sugar can be added, if desired for a more robust taste. When it is done, you have a bowl of healthy sweet potatoes brown rice top with some raw vegetables like lettuce and cherry tomatoes.


Anonymous said...


I like your Claypot Tofu but don't know what's Deep-Fried Soft Tofu, what's the type of tofu being used called in chinese? cuz there are many type of tofu and where to get it?

Thank you.


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Tim

Thank you :)

Oh, the deep-fried soft tofu, sorry i didn't make it clear, i am referring to agedashi tofu (

I used silken tofu (very soft), drained off the water and coat with some flour (for easier handling) and then deep-fried in oil. After that, it can be eaten as it is (real soft inside, crispy outside) or dip in some sauce.

I got the silken tofu from supermarket. I have a picture of the silken tofu at
There are few type of silken tofu (it stated down there for soup, for ...).

Cheers :)

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