Friday, July 11, 2008

Mayo Corn Sandwiches

Oops, in the sandwiches maker for too long, a little bit too brown!

Forget about Mayo Egg sandwiches. Try this, it is yummy too. The secret to sweet and delicious mayonnaise corn is to use fresh corn on the cob.

Preparation: 8 mins, Cooking time: 10 mins

Ingredients (serves 2)
° 4 slices bread
° 1 ear corn on the cob, cut or peeled kernels off the cob
° 1 tablespoon vegan mayonnaise or vegetarian salad cream, to taste

1. Put the corn kernels in a heatproof serving plate and steam for 8-10 minutes.
2. Remove from streamer and leave to cool. Mix well with mayonnaise.
3. Place the mayo corn onto the bread and make toasted sandwiches according to the instruction of sandwiches maker.


Anonymous said...

I like this, reminds me of the "Golden Triangle Sandwich" at Waterdrop Teahouse.

You may try replacing white bread with softmeal or wholemeal bread. I think it will further enhance the taste.


Par said...

Must be yummie...i can imagine..drool!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a very tasty sandwich! :-)

delhibelle said...

Looks really delicious..which vegan mayonnaise do you recommend and where can I find it? Thanks so much:)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Delhibelle, thanks. You can get it from most of the vegetarians stall or shops or eateries.

They usually have different type of mayo, some is eggless but with milk. Some supermarkets do have vegan mayo, but i have not try that yet.

I have used suxianzi brand salad cream, it is vegan. Their website

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