Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Asparagus Wrap

Asparagus Wrap - It looks appealing and kids might love it! Just wrap one or few stalks of Asparagus with Spring Roll Pastry Skin and seal it with water (I used mashed tofu left over from my wonton). No need any seasoning.

Next, just deep-fry it and then served with any chilli sauce you prefer or veg*n mayo or special homemade mayo with curry powder.

This is my first try, I should have left a small bit of Asparagus, so it will not be ‘bending’ after a while.


Anonymous said...

I am a big kid. I think I will love it too.:P
Any recommendations on the Vietnamese rice paper dishes? Can we fry them as well?

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

You can use Vietnamese Rice paper for Sushi, so instead of using raw veg or stir-fry veg, put sushi rice.

As for deep-frying, I don't really recommend using this rice paper. Reason, we need to soak them first and as a result, it quite well and therefore not that easy to deep-fry. I also find that it soak up more oil, could be I didn't handle the deep-frying portion well.

Cheers :)

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