Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vegetarian Kimchi Instant Noodle

Vegetarian Kimchi
If you have Vegetarian Kimchi, whipping up a bowl of Kimchi Instant Noodle is not a problem at all. I used Tung-1 Instant Vegetarian Noodle, half the sachet of the seasoning and added 25g of chopped kimchi to it. Add more dried chilli flakes if desired.


Kwekie-boy said...

Hi Crystal, may i know where to get vegetarian kimchi?

Kwekie-boy said...

hi Crystal, may i know where to get vegetarian kim chi?

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Kwekie-boy

I got them from Kimchi School in Seoul @ 11,000 won per 1kg.

It is vegetarian (there is a chinese word) at the back. I am not sure whether the Korean Mart here carry stock, maybe we can ask. There are few Korean Mart around, one at Novena Sq@, one behinds Skyline Building @ Waterloo Street ...

There is a website on the package, but it was not accessible -

There is also kimchi making class in Singapore ($5) @ Korean Place near Raffles MRT, here the website:

without adding fish sauce and garlic, it is suitable for Veg*n :)

When I am free, I might try out making kimchi myself ...


dreamy said...

I love tung I noodles! but i have no kimchi... but i still love tung I on its own hehe

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