Monday, January 12, 2009

Seasoned Fresh Bamboo Shoot

This is incredibly simple, very quick and simple dish to prepare in advance.

Preparation: 10 mins, Cooking time: 5 mins

Ingredients (serves 2)
° 100g fresh bamboo shoot, sliced
° 25g carrot, peeled and shredded

° 1 teaspoon sesame oil
° 1 teaspoon light soy sauce, or to taste
° ½ -1 teaspoon roasted sesame seeds

1. Blanch the fresh bamboo shoot in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes. Drain well and set aside to cool for 5 minutes.
2. Transfer the fresh bamboo shoot to a plate. Stir in the sesame oil, light soy sauce and mix well.
3. Sprinkle the sesame seeds and serve.


Anonymous said...

Looks good but I heard that bamboo shoot is not suitable for those with medical problems as it will "arouse" and cause the illness to erupt, I wonder how true that is?

Anonymous said...

where do you buy the bamboo shoots?

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