Monday, September 07, 2009

Okra with Otah ... (Vegetarian)

This is real simple dish. The key is the Vegetarian Otah. I bought a pack of Otah wrapped in coconut leaves that cost about S$6 for 20 pcs at the wholesaler. I used those! Yes, it defeats the purpose of buying Otah in this form and stuff into other vegetables, but it is delicious.

Make a cut on each Okra and stuffed theOtah in it. Brush it with some oil and toasted in the toaster oven and it is ready. It can be BBQ too, if desired.

Be innovative, you can use other vegetables too! Have fun …


Gigi said...

Hi, where do u get the vegetarian otak?
I would to buy also. thank .


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Gigi,

Some Vegetarian stall or shop carry stock. There are few type.

I got mine from Friendly Vegetarian Supplier in AMK and they also have a branch at wholesale centre, the address can be found in their


If you are there, just check out with their staff, they could recommend many good and yummy stuff.

Price wise, is cheaper but if you factor in transportation cost and time, then it even out unless you are buying a lots (which they provide delivery too, if you know what you want).

So the fun is browsing their products in the shop and see what's new.

Cheers :)

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