Friday, October 09, 2009

No Cook Red Bean Ice lolly …

Vegan Ice Cream is not easier to find or the varieties are limited. If you are a vegan and want some healthy ice lolly with no cooking involved, you can still achieve this.  I bought a bowl of Red Bean Soup from the Dessert Stall as take away. As it is very difficult to get red bean soup with lots of red beans, I added silken tofu to make the ice lolly (250ml red bean soup with beans and 125g silk tofu).

Dump all in the blender and blend till smooth, put into the ice lolly mould and frozen it. Sugar, taste before adding, I find the dessert sweet enough and skip the sugar.

Another way, if time permit, cook the red bean soup and you can have lots of red bean in it. A healthy dessert serves in a different way and with lots of goodness …

Just a little question, do you prefer ice lolly, ice cream or sorbet?

Ice cream is too common, big tub of ice cream loaded with lots of calories and yet selling at a very cheap price are easily available at the supermarket. Of course, there is some real delicious high end ice cream too where people go for quality and not quantity.

As for calorie-counters, would you able to resist the temptation of the delicious ice cream or look for a healthier alternative yet special like sorbet which would cost more or do a simple homemade fruity ice lolly?

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