Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Embracing Simplicity - Just King Oyster Mushroom and Chilli

Few days back, someone asked me about Wild Red Mushroom. Unaware of Wild Red Mushroom.  Have not seen one before! Have not tasted any before!  Hmmm... NEW stuff! Very interesting.

Yes, there are so many things in the Universe that we don't know and is waiting for us to explore and to discover, just like the mushroom with a beautiful lovely name - Wild Red Mushroom that I don't know.  

So are you on such a quest? Discovering the beauty of Vegetarian Cuisine or discovering your potential or strengths? Or your warrior's heart is on the search for the truth of your existence?

If you are wondering why my posting is getting lesser nowadays, it is because I am away discovering the Mother Nature's beauty and allure by the stimulating self-discovery workshops ... With these positive energies that I harness, maybe I would be able to have a different feel when I cook and play with vegetarian dishes.

Preparation:     5 mins
Cooking time:    10 mins
Ingredients (serves 2)
°         200g king oyster mushroom, sliced
°         3 dried chilli, cut into section
°         1 tablespoon olive oil
°         1 tablespoon vegetarian oyster sauce
°         125ml water

1.      Heat the oil in a wok. Add dried chilli and fry till fragrant.
2.      Throw in the king oyster mushroom and stir-fry for 2 minutes. Add in the vegetarian oyster sauce and water. Simmer for 5-8 minutes.
3.      Transfer to a serving dish, garnish with some fresh chinese celery or coriander and serve immediately.


Springflow... said...

ahh...tis is real simple! but too bad cant find fresh king oyster mushroom here..only oyster mushroom but all in canned :(

Jacklyn said...

This sounds wonderful! I still haven't tried king oyster mushrooms yet but I am just dying too. Didn't really know what to do with them, this is a great idea!

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Springflow,

How about other type of fresh mushroom that you can play with?

Cheers :)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Jacklyn

Thank you. Love the profile picture, a very unique cat.

Cheers :)

Amilie said...

MMMMMMmmmm looks sooo good~ *drools*

Springflow... said...

yeaa the local do hv fresh mushrooms like white brown, abalone mushroom (seasonal) and u know these shrink after cooking :(

Bhikkhuni Thich nu Tinh Quang said...

Thank you so much for this recipe. I made it yesterday and it was delicious.

Just a note about omitting pungent foods in the Buddhist diet. This is also true for Jains, and orthodox Hindus.

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Thank you VEN Thich nu Tinh Quang,

Thank you for leaving the informative comment for us to learn.

Have a beautiful day.

Cheers crystal

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Springflow,

I see :) Cheers :)

Mansi said...

Hey i liked it...i vl try it today for sure..its easy n gud recipe

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Thank you Mansi,

Thanks for your comment. I love this dish too, having it for dinner tonite.

It is one of those, I can close my eye and cook and not afraid it will go wrong.

Have a nice weekend.

Cheers :)

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