Monday, January 08, 2007

Stir-Fried Water Convolvulus with Chilli Soy Bean Paste

Stir-Fried Water Convolvulus with Chilli Soy Bean Paste
Stir-Fried Water Convolvulus with Red Fermented Bean Curd
This is a simple and stir-fried dish using inexpensive ingredients. Water convolvulus is also known water spinach or kangkong, which can be stir-fried either plain with garlic or ginger or spice paste.

Preparation: 5 mins, Cooking time: 5 mins

Ingredients (serves 2-3)
° 200g water convolvulus
° 1 slice ginger
° ¾ tablespoon vegetable oil
° ¾-1 tablespoon soy bean paste with chilli
° 1 fresh red chilli (optional), finely sliced

1. Heat oil in a wok. Add the ginger and fry till golden brown.
2. Add the soy bean paste with chilli and stir-fry briskly for a moment. Add the water convolvulus and stir-fry for 1-2 minutes.
3. Transfer to a serving dish, garnish with red chilli and serve immediately.

1. 1 cube of Red Fermented Bean Curd or Preserved Chilli Bean Curd or 1 tablespoon of Vegetarian Sambal Chilli Paste can be used instead of Soy Bean Paste with Chilli.


Anonymous said...

Can I have a request? Can you make me a stir fried chicken recipe? I don't know on how to make it. Thanks in advance. Your recipe was nice, I already try to cook it and it was really delicious. By the way.

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Wilbert

Thank you :) Currently, I don't have a proper kitchen to produce such a recipe for you. My apologies.

Pop by your blog, as long as you can can get some mock meat, you just have to replace the chicken with mock meat.

Cheers :)

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