Thursday, October 25, 2007

Simplified Putu Mayam

Have you try Putu Mayam before? My mother would buy the putu mayam from the Indian stall for us when we were little kids. Putu mayam actually looks likes a web of rice vermicelli (bee hoon) top with freshly grated coconut and brown sugar (orange in colour). It tastes better with more coconut and sugar. I don’t have a putu mayam maker, so I simplified the process by using rice vermicelli. Check out this on how putu mayam is made- go to:

Preparation: 5 mins, Cooking time: 10 mins

Ingredients (serves 2-3)
° 100g rice vermicelli, blanched in salted boiling water till soft
° 250g grated coconut
° ½ teaspoon salt (optional)
° 3-6 tablespoons brown sugar, or to taste

1. Mix the grated coconut with salt and set aside.
2. Divide the rice vermicelli into individual serving plates. Top with grated coconut and sugar and serve.


Anonymous said...

woah@!! crystal....u really damn creative mann....putu mayam?? but itz really used bee hoon to do?? i don hv oranged coloured sugar...only black sugar or at most caned sugar....but i think it won't take nice....nvrm i keep my appetite when i come back...ch33r5 SF

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...


Putu mayam is using rice flour. Bee Hoon is also made of rice flour. The look, the colour and the texture look almost the same to me.

The different that i find is putu mayam is a flat web like thingy, when we used bee hoon, it is rather loose and the softness. Oh, some use black sugar, white sugar is not that suitable.

So, you will have a long list of things that must have when you come back :)

Have a lovely weekend.

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