Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Hot Cup of Almond!

Almond Meal (100% natural, no sugar added, no preservative, no colouring), Sim Tech Hiang Almond Syrup, Almond Powder with Fritillaria Cirrhosa

A hot cup of Almond Drink! I remember when I had a bad night cough a decade ago, my ex-colleague advised me to take almond syrup and it worked. Well, if you have persistent cough, it is still better to consult the doctor but it is no harm drinking a hot cup of almond tea with Fritillaria Cirrhosa .

You can get this from the supermarket – Almond Powder with Fritillaria Cirrhosa. If you prefer it without added sugar, go for the Almond Meal which I got from a Vegetarian Shop.
This beverage is getting popular at Food Court, you can order a cup of hot almond where consist of Almond Powder with Fritillaria Cirrhosa and Almond Syrup.

Almonds is nutritious and almond milk is a good substitute for milk.


Par said...

That remind me of back in the days I would drink them from breakfast.

Anonymous said...


I love almond milk too,may I also mention that it is rich in calcium minus the cholestrol,haha...heres to good health and joyful eating..cheers.

Anonymous said...

what is the firlla thingy? haha..

yeah, i always have phlegm all the time and went to see doctors and still no improvement.. doctor said is sinus allergy :(

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Veggie bun

It is 川贝, for expelling phlegm and improves cough. Heard of NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA, the cough syrup with natural herbs, loquat andhoney extract that nourish the lung, eliminate phlegm and relieve cough.

Almond too is for expelling phlegm and improves cough. It nourishes the intestines and protect the heart.

Not sure this can help the sinus allergy.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

hi, crystal. i was attracted by the book behind the drink with the title 'you were born with a purpose'. can i know who is the author and where did you get the book? thanks

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

I borrow this book from the library (NLB). Today, I check, there are still some not on loan copy in the some library.

So far, I check with Borders, there don't have it but can place order.

The book, the author and some reviews, click here:

I really LOVE this book, it is so direct and I just couldn't describe in words.

For 6 weeks, I still holding on to it, re-reading it. I MUST buy this book :)


Anonymous said...

usaly if have a bad cough you can drink cinnamon powder mixed with honey drink it every mornig it really cure .a tip give by my yoga freind

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