Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cranberry and Strawberry Agar Agar (Jelly)

This is an exotic and interesting sweet dessert, is easy to make and yet healthy. The recipe called for cranberry juice which is high in vitamin C and soy milk which is nutritious too. With a piece of strawberry, it just looks marvelous for this lovely pink jelly.

Preparation: 10 mins, Cooking time: 5 mins

Ingredients (makes 16 pieces)
° 6g agar-agar powder
° 200ml water
° 30g sugar, or to taste
° 250ml cranberry juice
° 375ml fresh soy milk
° 8 strawberries, halved
° ½ teaspoon kiwi seeds/tukhmaria (optional), soaked and drained

1. Dissolve the agar-agar powder in 250ml of water in a pot. Add the sugar and bring to a boil.
2. Remove pot from heat, stir in the cranberry juice, soy milk, kiwi seeds and mix well.
3. Place a piece of strawberries in the jelly mould and pour in the pudding mixture. Leave to cool before refrigerating until chilled.
4. Serve chilled.

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