Sunday, October 17, 2010

May ALL be well, happy and peaceful ...

To ALL my dear readers,

Whatever has been absorbing my time and energy in the past few years (blogging etc) is now coming to an end. In completing it, I am clearing the space for something new to begin. It will be the celebration for the end of the old and the coming of the new. I am joyful and content with this blog and appreciate all of you.

I may or may not have the time (extremely tight schedule) to create new recipes, as I like to deeply and completely immerse in the new things that I am going to do in the next few months or more.

THANK YOU for visiting ...

May ALL be well, happy and peaceful. 

Vegetarian Curry Mock Abalone Rice Vermicelli

Embrace simplicity ... enjoy here and now in order to discover the beauty of the present moment and simple thing.

A simple bowl of Curry Mock Abalone with Rice Vermicelli yet it can be quickly and easily transform to be served as a presentable party food. By adding some garnish or simple special ingredient like mock floss or crispy cereal with curry leaves or what you can think of, it will be a unique dish. 

P.S: Fresh veggies have vibrational frequencies which are not found in processed or canned food or meat that is beneficial to our body.  

Preparation:      5 mins, Cooking time:   5 mins
Ingredients (serves 2)
°         150g rice vermicelli, blanched in hot water and drained well
°         1 can vegetarian mock abalone, drained
°         1-2 tablespoons curry powder
°         3-5 tablespoons water
°         6 slices of carrot, shredded
°         1 tablespoon olive oil
°         salt to taste (optional)
°         some fresh Chinese celery (optional), for garnish

1.    Mix the curry powder and chilli powder with 3 tablespoons of water to form curry paste and set aside.
2.   Heat oil in a non-stick wok. Stir in curry paste and fry over medium heat until fragrant. 
3.   Throw in vegetarian mock abalone and stir-fry for 1-2 minutes and off the heat.
4.    Add in rice vermicelli, carrot shreds and mix well. Sprinkle some water for easier tossing, if needed.  Season   to taste with salt if necessary.
5.     Dish up, garnish with Chinese celery and serve immediately.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Green Apple with Honey Citron Tea

The ancient sages looked to nature to show them how to live a life of happiness. Oneness with nature and living in harmony with its ways are keys to inner peace. Living in the Urban, we are very far away from Nature and we feel unhappy.  We keep on trying to fill that gap or lack because of the unhappiness and that is never enough no matter what we try to fill it with. So, it is always good to visit the nature often to connect back to it.

Fruits and Veggies signify the nature in a way and therefore consume more of them, as they have vibrational frequencies which is not found in processed or canned food or meat, that is beneficial to our body.  

If you find that green apple is too sour or bland, just add some Korean Honey Citron Tea Paste (for making tea) to spice it up, just like this recipe. This creation is the result of not thinking and the idea just pop up from nowhere.   Hope you like it and find your connection to the creativity in you.

Preparation:      5 mins
Ingredients (serves 1)
°         1 green apple, diced
°         1 tablespoon Korea Honey Citron Tea Paste or to taste

1.       Mix all the ingredients well and serves chilled.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Angel 'N' Penne playing with Curry Leaves

This was an impromptu creation for dinner last night using whatever left over ingredients I have. Therefore, I didn't even write down the quality used for each ingredient. It was only after cooking, those curry leaves look so harmonize with the pasta, radiate a kind of simple beautiful energy that captured my heart.  Therefore I took a picture of it and share it with you.  

It could be I was experiencing a feeling of great satisfaction yesterday. I went for my 9th blood donation at Blood Bank [yep, passed haemoglobin check, Thalassemia Minor have a much higher requirement than normal person]. 

I have small vein and the staff nurse was surprised that my blood flow so smooth and fast that within 3 mins 47 secs, they collected 450ml of my blood (weight 45-50kg only 350ml blood will be taken, > 50kg 450ml blood will be taken). The fastest record according to her was a guy with big vein within 3 mins 20 secs.  The friendly staff-nurse really knows how to bring surprises to me.

Could it be the vegetarian diet or could it be I have drink lots of plain water prior to the blood donation that resulted such an uncongested good flow? I don't really know.

Few days back, I just attended an EFT (Emotional Freedom Workshop) conducted by Ms Tan Hwee San (Counsellor and Healer), learning a little about Emotional Acupressure and Energy Psychology. On my way to the blood bank which was about 1 hour train journey and having nothing to do, I started to do some simple tapping near the end points of my energy circuits or meridians. Maybe, that also helps to create that small wonder too.

Back to this pasta, it calls for pasta, minced garlic (optional), curry leaves fried in olive oil, salt and curry power for garnishing.  So just play with any ingredients, have no expectation and be surprise by the outcome ... 

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Harmony of Nature - Fruit Salad with a Taste of Asia

Honestly, I did not create this recipe! I had this surprise salad at the last day of my CPC class.   The lovely person, who whipped up this, is the one that type this to me - [Breath In, Breath Out, We are ONE].  Maybe it is food from the heart that it touches my heart and I just want to recreate this via my memory and share with more people.

Feel free to do this fruit salad in your own way, by following your heart, mix different fruits (jackfruit or gavua or green mango or ...) and with some special ingredients and let it unites as ONE in harmony - full of colour, taste and beauty.  [I am eating this while typing this, it is getting addictive - full of nature energies!]

Preparation:     8 mins

Ingredients (serves 2)
°         1 green apple, diced
°         1 orange, peeled and diced
°         few slices dried lime slices, cut into smaller pieces
°         1-2 teaspoons dried canberries

1.      Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Serve chilled. 

Friday, October 01, 2010

A Flextarian's Wild Red Mushroom recipe ...

Photo Source : from HH
Two weeks ago, I received an unexpected e-mail from a Flextarian, HH, asking for Wild Red Mushroom and Wild Tea Tree Mushroom recipes. Oops, I haven't tasted Wild Red Mushroom!

I keep meeting lovely people who are vegetarian friendly even they are meat-eater in one way or other. They are the one who bring a smile to my face and remind me a very beautiful phase that someone gave me - [Breath In, Breath Out, We are ONE].

Yes, We are all global citizen staying on Planet Earth, shower with so much unconditional love from the Universe which we can discover if we willing to slow down and look deeper. Even the Bee gives us unconditional love in a way. Without the tiny insect - Bee, we will face Food Crisis. The food that we eat everyday to survive (even we pay) is the combination of countless contributions of others that we do not know.

So, what I can offer to repay all these kindness?

Maybe, in here, I share the wonderful recipe given to me by HH who is a flextarian (Thank you HH). She is really creative and using non-meat ingredients and workaround to veganism a meat recipe. Beautiful!

Below is the unedited email from HH, enjoy  ...

This is the simple recipe I told you about.

• 50 gram dried red mushroom
• 8 C water
• 200-250 gram pork
• 1 T soy sauce
• 1 t sesame oil
• 1 t corn or potato flour
• ½ t of sugar

1. Wash mushroom and deconstruct for 10 mins, drain
2. Cut pork, marinate 30 mins
3. Boil mushroom then simmer for 1 hour
4. Add pork, cook 10 mins, serve with chopped green onions

I did not have pork on hand and did not feel like eating any meat, so I used tofu.
I coated tofu with the corn flour and shallow fried it before marinate.
I found the soup rather to a bland side, probably because the tofu exuded water.
I just put a pinch of salt and a handful of shredded nori in my individual bowl. Very soothing and gentle dish.

The red mushroom has a woody, thick-papery texture. Not as aromatic as shiitake that I use the most for soups. Maybe the way I cooked it did not bring out its maximum flavour.
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