Friday, November 23, 2007

Spring Rolls (Popiahs)

Lately, there is one Thai Eatery, selling deep fried spring rolls with different type of fillings – tofu filling, vermicelli filling etc. It reminds me of the previous recipe - Vietnamese Popiah.
Just that the wrapper is not rice paper but spring roll wrapper which is more suitable for deep-frying. You don’t need any special culinary skills to whip this up, except deep-frying it which most of us have no problem with. Basically, this can be a 'No Cook' dish too.

I bought a packet of plain Fried Been Hoon (rice vermicelli) from a vegetarian stall for S$0.80 (around 300g) which is enough to make 50 pieces. With some salad sprouts, mint leaves and shredded carrot, I started making the spring rolls. After which, I deep-fried them and they go well with chilli sauce.

If you prefer it not to be deep-fried, just roll up and dip with some sauce (plum sauce mixed with lime juice, sugar, chopped chilli and sesame seeds or some other sauces) ,it tastes good too !


dreamy said...

:) I saw the artificial flower again, but it's really nice! I like the presentation of your food! I think you can be a photographer and sell your photos! :)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Dreamy

My little lovely artificial flower :)

Thanks, i still have not got into the mood of photography yet. Wait till i pick up some photography books to read and attend some class then can consider :)


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