Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tofu with Preserved Olive Vegetables (Simplified Version)

Steamed Tofu with Preserved Olive Vegetables
Mashed IT and Mix well!

Here is the simplified version of the recipe Tofu with Preserved Olive Vegetables. Just steam the 1 pack of silken tofu topped with 2 tablespoons of Preserved Olive Vegetables for about 8 minutes. Mashed the tofu and mix well with the Preserved Olive Vegetables, garnish with chilli (optional) and coriander (optional) and serve.

Just remember to drain the preserved vegetable, as it is rather oily, you will need to drain it well. For me, I would put them into a paper coffee filter bag and squeeze out all the oil.
Tip: Steam Tofu in Rice Cooker while cooking rice, for less work and to save time.

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