Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crispy Wonton Strip

I got this idea from the Minced Mushroom Rice @ Waterdrop Tea house in Punggol. So, I got a packet of wonton wrapper from the wet market and deep fried them. I added some of them to my Raw Veggies Bibimbap and it is awesome.

Cooking time: 10 mins, Total time: 10 mins

Ingredients (serves 2)
° 24 pieces wonton wrapper, cut into 4 or 5 sections
° oil, for deep-frying

1. Heat oil in a deep-fryer or wok and fry in batches until golden yellow.
2. Remove the wonton strip with a slotted spoon. Drain well on kitchen paper and serve as soon as possible to ensure they remain crispy.

1. Put wontons strip in oven or microwave for 1-2 minutes if they lose their crispiness.


Sunny said...

Was told normal Wonton wrapper generally contains egg...unless specially bought from vegetarian stalls.

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sunny

There are also wonton skin sold at Supermarket, those will have their ingredients listed. If I remember correctly, there are some vegan one around.

Cheers :)

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