Monday, March 16, 2009

Instant Vegetarian Satay!

I got this packet of 10 sticks of Vegetarian Satay that come with Satay Peanut Sauce too, from Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier. The shop assistant recommended that I take this brand – Tian Hock (天福斋供应商). Oh, it turns out delicious.

What I did was place the satay in my oven toaster, brush some oil on it and toast it. Next, I cut some Japanese cucumber, onion (omit, if you desired) and steamed the Lotong Rice that I got from the Supermarket and warm up the Satay Peanut Sauce. The Satay Peanut Sauce is sufficient for the satays, cucumber and Lotong Rice.

And all with 15 minutes, I can enjoy this lovely vegetarian satay at home without much fuss.

As for the price, oh I can’t remember now and this supplier does not have the habit of pasting price tag on their product.


Anonymous said...

Really? had not had any nice vegetarian satays yet...
Any way to have a peanut-free gravy? what's recommended to replace it? I am abit peanuts-allergy...

Thank you

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Glutton

Yes, I find it nice and i think if I can brush with some honey (not for vegan) and BBQ it, it will be much better.

Peanut free gravy? Hmmm... a tough question. Ha..ha... I need to think about that :) Maybe, replace peanut with mash potatoes, need testings ...

Cheers :)

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