Sunday, April 05, 2009

‘It is OK To Be Wrong” Green Curry Dried Udon

What a weird name! Yup :)

The core ingredient for this is 1 tablespoon of green curry paste, around 60ml of water and 60ml of coconut milk to make thick Green Curry Sauce. It can be used for Pasta … hmmm… I will redo this again sometime later by totally omitted deep-fried basil leaves and the pan-fried chilli need to be changed or done differently maybe, or at a time when I have lesser things to deal with, maybe …
It was done sometime back in hurry and when I was hungry. The presentation, the deep-fried basil leaves, the pan-fried chilli and the lacking of good ingredients to make this dish more nutritious and unique, that I almost decided not to post this at all and discard this totally …
In this world, we are unknowingly been "taught" to fear mistakes and in a way affect how we deal with things and that affect our life … However, it is from mistakes that we learn more …

There is something that I read from from the book PresenationZen by Garr Reynold on what Benjamin Zander said that I find it meaningful, I manage to search it from the web, as I don’t have the book on hand, it should be something like this …,

You have to take a risk
In most cultures — and certainly here in Japan — making a mistake is the worst thing you can do. Zander says that it’s dangerous for musicians, for example, to be so concerned with competition and measuring themselves against others because this makes it “difficult to take the necessary risk with themselves to be come great performers.” However, only through mistakes can we see where we’re lacking, where we need to work. But we hate mistakes so we play it safe. Yet long term nothing could be more dangerous if our goal is to be insanely great at what we do. Zander suggests that instead of getting so dejected by mistakes, we instead exclaim loudly (or to ourselves) “How fascinating!” every time we make a mistake. This little gem alone was worth the price of the book. Think about that. Another mistake? How fascinating! Another opportunity to learn something just presented itself. Another unlucky break? No worries! Move forward.”

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