Thursday, September 03, 2009

Chilled Soymilk with Jade

The matcha powder I had is going to expire soon, therefore, I used it to make Matcha Agar Agar (just follow the instruction on the agar agar packaging, next mix the matcha powder with water and stir in and all mix well). Chilled it.

I had a packet of Green Tea Soymilk (just mix matcha powder with water and add to soymilk, if you can’t find any green tea soymilk in the supermarket).

What’s next? Pair them up, of course!

So, my dessert is born – Chilled Soymilk with Jade Dessert, all about appreciating the nature’s beauty – Jade-Green Colour and Goodness of Soy. New combination, new taste, new experience …

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