Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Good Day Everyone

Here is my Blog ... by Crystal


Anonymous said...

Thank Chrystal

was searching for Chinese veg receipes for a long time, now that i found your blog, i will certainly try it out , though i am a vegetarian myself, but being an indian eating the same old style food, wanted some change .Thanks for the wonderful recipes.


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Thanks Lata :)

Anonymous said...

hello, just thought id let you know how wonderful this website is. Ive never been good at cooking but now that im living by my own at uni ill have to make an effort.
your recipes are really nice and easy to follow!!!!
thank you so much!!!!!

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Elsa

Thank you very much for the kind thought, I am so happy you find this easy and simple.

I was never good in cooking, but the more you try, the better you will be :)

Have a lovely week Elsa.

Cheers :)

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