Tuesday, August 26, 2008

QQ水晶果 and 可可榴香

QQ水晶果 (Chinese Crystal Ball Dessert)


I went to Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier at AMK, to buy Vegetarian Siew Mai for my son school - Teachers’ Appreciation Party. Guess what I found, QQ水晶果 (Chinese Crystal Ball Dessert) and 可可榴香 (No English name for this product, it is filled with durian and yam paste).

For the QQ水晶果, you just need to defrost it and it can be served, no cooking required.

Whereas for the other product, just deep-fried prior to serve, you may bake it if you like for a healthier choice.

By the way, the Vegetarian Siew Mai is lovely. Just steam them and you can have some ready made party food.


Anonymous said...

Wow, they really looked delicious espy after your decoration. :-)
btw, how to go to the outlet from nearest AMK MRT? From map, it looks kind of far from MRT.

Sunny :-)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sunny,

Thanks, the QQ ball come with plastic leaves :)

OK, from AMK MRT, I will go to the the AMK HUB to take a bus, can't really remember the bus number, got to check, I think 22, 24 and one more, and stop at 2nd bus stop, walk up the stair and shelter walkway on your left, you will find BlK 421.

Alternatively, out from the MRT, you can cross the road and go to the busstop at AMK Ave 8, take a bus and stop at the next busstop.

The siewmai, I brought 2 different types, the big one is 25 per pack @ $5 and the green colour one is 36 per pack @ $5.

They sells Penang Prawn Mee Paste (Dreamy got it from Malaysia and put in her blog) and Assam Laksa Mee Paste too. They have Baked Rice too, Big big buns, Lor Mai Kai, Fun Choy, some type of just heat up veg. ...

Anonymous said...

I love the vegn Fun Choy but few eatery place sells them.
Great! now I know where to get them.

Since 1 bus stop away fr ave8, can walk? or the distance is too far apart?


...barbara... said...

your blog always makes me hungry :)
i am going to try the apple sandwich soon....
i am living in korea at the moment...til november and then hopefully back again in jan for a couple of month....
definitely come for a visit....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I haven't seen any of those products at the store before. They look yummy! :-)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Vegan Chow,

We do have lots of vegetarian instant food produced by Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan here, just that there is lack of marketing and advertising and hidden somewhere.

Some are mock meat but there are others that are not. Not sure they export to other countries.

I like your new discovery on sushi :)


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Sunny, you can take the bus and have a rough idea whether you want to walk in the next time :)


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Baraba,
You have a nice blog, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, your vegetarian dishes look delicious. I tried a lot of vegetarian char siew sauce but still didn't try one that is similar to the non vegetarian. Do you know how to do and what kind or brand of sauce?I bought a few but also they didn't taste and smell like non vegetarian.Or anyone know?


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Vicky,

Currently, I don't have, maybe I am going to experiment with it some time later.

If you are in Singapore, there is one place that sell Veg Char Siew that is very very close to non-veg. I love it a lot, very nice but slighty expensive, $4 for just a little plate.

It is at Vegetarian Health Food @ Fortune Centre (Waterloo Street) at the ground level.

Cheers :)

tofufreak said...

vegetarian siew mai! lucky you!

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