Monday, November 24, 2008

Seaweed Curry Rice Wrap

I saw the picture on the pack of Korean Seaweed. Why didn’t I think of eating sushi in that way? Making sushi can be time consuming with the rolling and so on. If we are not having any guests around, why not just spoon some rice and wrap with a rectangle piece of seaweed and that’s it.

It made me think further, must it be sushi rice, why can’t we have something else too. What I did use was improvised healthy curry flavour rice instead.

By stir-frying a tablespoon of curry powder paste (powder mixed with some water) and then adding to the rice with some of the water replaced with unsweetened soymilk instead of coconut milk and don’t forget the salt. After 15-20 minutes my curry flavour rice is ready in the electric rice cooker.

You can skip the stir-frying of curry powder if you want an even more simplified way of cooking curry flavour rice. Simple, not much work plus its more nutritious!

So going green, going vegetarian, and food need not be boring. There are thousands of innovative ways to add taste and colour to make them yummy and interesting.


Anonymous said...

No need for sushi rice -- Koreans just wrap the cooked rice in the nori!

Mica said...

Yeah, sometimes I get so pressured in making sushi look so picture perfect. Just like the sushi decor outside a Japanese restaurant!

Now I can relax and just put rice or veggies on the nori strip and eat it! Yey!

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