Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sandstorm Snack ...

Sandstorm Snack  
The original is just a simple glutinous rice ball but I shaped it to be like a cube after pressing the round glutinous rice ball at six sides to look like a mini cube. Then boil in boiling water (steam it, if desired) and place on a plate of glutinous rice flour (toasted in the oven) to coat it.

Lastly, into the Macha Peanut Coating and giving it after a sandstorm effect!
Hmmm … cooking can be a creative activity if you want it to be, so just unleash your creativities and imagination…. Have fun! 

Macha Peanut Coating ...
Kinako (soybean powder) coating is a basic ingredient for Warabi Mochi. And there is a different variant – Macha Kinako Coating,with green tea powder added to it (other spices like cinnamon can be used). Since I don’t have soybean powder in the kitchen, I used grounded peanut powder to make Macha Kinako Coating which is not as delicate and fine comparing to soybean powder …

From Essentially Japanese Cooking & Cuisine, Mattcha-kinako coating recipe – Mix 1 teapsoon mattcha (grean tea powder), 20g sugar and 15g kinako (soybean powder)


Virginie P. said...

I remember having tasted matcha-kinako in a Japonese restaurant in Singapore and wanted to try once at home. Of course, I've never tried. Thanks to remind me this recipe. Adding peanuts to the coating is a very tasty idea.
I love your new blog design. very classy!

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Thanks Virginie :)

Japanese sweets and dessert are creative and beautifully presented that impact flavor visually.

It is quite simple to make ... The peanut come with sugar. Sugar can be change to orange sugar or brown sugar, if the grounded peanut powder does not have any.

cheers :)

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